A project in natural stone for each zodiac sign

Our personality express itself in every space we live. The zodiac sign also plays an important role in governing style choices, and perhaps taking into consideration what the stars have to say about us can help us find the most suitable design solutions for our homes.

We have selected 12 projects using natural stone to describe the 12 signs and their design choices. And whether you believe in horoscope or not, keep reading and get inspired!


The first sign of the zodiac, Aries is characterized by courage, strength and sensuality. People born between 21 March and 20 April may even be irrational at time but they always up for any challenge. Inasmuch they are born leaders.

Their homes must express the energy that vibrates inside their souls and therefore always find room for originality. Aries homes are always embellished with items such as this artistic fireplace by Paolo Costa: hand-finished by expert sculptors in the constant search for details capable of always ensuring truly unique creations. Discover the meeting between stone, technology and creativity in COSTA PAOLO & C. S.N.C. profile at Marmomac Plus.


Harmony, exuberance, freshness and stability are the main characteristics of the second sign of the zodiac, ruled by Venus. People born between 21 April and 20 May are attracted by beauty and love to enjoy the pleasures of life… but without over- doing it! Taurus people are conscientious and tireless workers.

Design comes to the fore in their home settings, with a handful of iconic elements. The Orchid stool by Anna Giansanti is spot on for Taurus homes of gardens and came about thanks to an intuition of company director Rosy Bernardini.
Objective: enhance the most prestigious Roman Travertine: “Navona”, which the finest sculptors and greatest architects used and showcased by creating works renowned all over the world.
The outcome: a collaboration with the jewellery designer Bernard Delettrez, who developed a series of design artefacts boasting unique characteristics. The stone and precious inserts blend to create unique, exclusively numbered artefacts designed to embellish various settings. Discover the ANNA GIANSANTI S.R.L. profile on Marmomac Plus.

Gemini G.R. MARMI S.R.L.

Gemini is the third zodiac sign and a symbol of vitality. Communicative, sociable, affable and courteous, people born between 21 May and 21 June adapt capably to every situation and are endowed with considerable intellectual curiosity. Their tastes reflect an inclination never to settle on the obvious and their homes interplay with multiple styles.

Simple yet refined – thanks to gold veins and linear design – this project by GR Marmi is an ideal match for this sign. The excellent quality of white marble with gold veins is enhanced by stunning workmanship highlighting its unique and special features. The material is ideal not only for designer artefacts but also construction and architecture, achieving a balance between tradition and innovation thereby implementing and satisfying every customer’s desires. Discover G.R. MARMI S.R.L. profile on Marmomac Plus.


A water sign ruled by the moon but also synonymous with summer and light. People born between 22 June and 22 July are endowed with great ideals as well as great sensitivity. Their homes are an important point of reference for them, a safe place to take a break from outside stimuli and recharge the batteries: home must therefore be a strong, protective sphere that helps people of this sign find inner resources to face the unexpected.

Delicate, soft colours characterize Nuvolato Calacatta by Marimar, an elegant Soft Quartite that highlights this classy and welcoming bathroom. The ideal place for regenerating body and spirit. Discover the project and applications of Nuvolato Calacatta by MARIMAR S.R.L. on Marmomac Plus.

Leo A.A.T.C. AND CO. S.R.L.

The fifth sign of the zodiac is ruled by the Sun, characterized by generosity and a dash of vanity. People born 23 July-22 August are self-assured and perhaps a little aloof, but they are also courageous and ready for sacrifices – so they make excellent friends. Their environment is out-going and elaborate… but must always highlight the self-centred character of this royal sign.

This creation by A.A.T.C. AND CO. S.R.L. create a perfect environments for every Leo: a new flooring cut by water jet designed by Karim Rashid: it has a fragmented, geometric design interconnecting every tile. This creates a simultaneous impression of randomness and continuity, thereby achieving balance and harmony. The materials used are: Calacatta Arni, Nero Marquinia, Bianco P, Grigio San Nicola, Azul Bahia, Granitello Beige, Verde Alpi and Giallo Siena. Discover A.A.T.C. AND CO. S.R.L. profile on Marmomac Plus.


The sixth sign of the zodiac ruled by Mercury. In classical astrology, it was associated with communication, intelligence and intuition. People born from 23 August to 22 September are meticulous and highly respectful of aesthetic standards, with a distinct predilection for design.

The homes of people of this sign are orderly and refined, with a handful of distinctive elements, as the place they prefer to regain concentration. The colours that represent this earth sign associated with stability are warm with pastel shades.

This intuitive and precise sign is matched with the Elica table by Torresan Travertino, a hymn to technique and craftsmanship: studied in every detail, slim and slender, easy to assemble and transport – and even ideal for playing with light by exploiting travertine’s natural pores. Designed by Paolo Criveller and inspired by the theme of time, this table is a metaphor for perpetual motion hallmarked by the number 3 (the perfect number). The top is defined by a helix with three blades in walnut travertine marble, supporting 3 square panes of tempered glass bonded with thin slabs of classic travertine merely 2 mm in thickness. Lastly, 3 other square slabs mounted to form a prism support the table top.

Discover the company TORRESAN TRAVERTINO | ITALIAN CREATIONS on Marmomac Plus.


Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac. As the name itself suggests, people born between 23 September and 22 October are always looking for balance: diplomatic, collaborative, lovers of games, quiet and homely, sociable and companionable. A curiosity: it is the only sign to have an inanimate object as a symbol. Lovers of the outdoors and Zen atmospheres, Libra people must live in settings suitable for thought and meditation, as well as for welcoming friends. There is therefore room for a linear, practical style – as in this house furnished with a “statement” table in Grolla marble by Marmi Faedo: an extremely resistant and versatile material that adapts perfectly to any type of processing. Discover the applications of this unique marble in MARMI FAEDO S.P.A. profile on Marmomac Plus.


Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac, a water sign ruled by Pluto.
Mysterious, charming, astute and possessive, people born between October 23 and November 21 have a great sense of humour, love to break rules and are very passionate.

Their lively nature demands relaxing and elegant environments with a simple, modern and essential style. And this hand-finished fruit bowl carved from a solid piece of marble by Moca Stone is unquestionably essential! An elegant artefact that can be used to hold fruit or as a simple ornament for a kitchen counter or sideboard. Find out more about MOCA STONE SA projects on the company’s page on Marmomac Plus.


Sagittarius is a fire sign. People born from 22 November to 21 December have fire inside them: they enjoy positive energy and are enthusiastic, loyal and intelligent. They are also always on the move and outgoing.

The setting of their homes simply has to be welcoming for the many guests that Sagittarians invite – but also well looked after, since people of this sign have an essential style and love natural materials, elegance and refinement. In short, what better place to entertain friends than this outdoor setting with swimming pool in travertine by Eurobuilding? The same material is also used for the pure outlines of the elegant indoor pool. Find out more about projects by CAVA SAN PIETRO – GRUPPO EUROBUILDING S.P.A. on the company’s page on Marmomac Plus.


Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac. People born from 22 December to 20 January are proud, focus on results, elegant and endowed with exceptionally fine taste. Solitary and self-centred, they are unquestionably extremely charming. Capricorn people have very practical styles and their home environments have to be functional without overlooking a touch of refinement with natural materials and bold colours. This wall application using Thunder Blue by Segzin Marble, a stone well-suited to indoor applications, adapts ideally to the Capricorn personality. Discover the SEZGIN MARBLE INC. profile on Marmomac Plus.


The eleventh sign of the zodiac represents the ideal of friendship and open-mindedness, as well as self-control.People born between 21 January and 19 February are intuitive, utopian, idealistic and eclectic. Aquarians seek spaces at home that inspire creativity and love contemporary art and original objects.

Their homes are bright and embrace many different styles. This highly original coffee table and armchair set in Black Calacatta and highly polished Champagne is an ideal match for this sign. Discover more about this ALL IN STUDIO DI CLAUDIO DAL PRETE project on Marmomac Plus.

Pisces 900 PROJECT S.R.L.

Pisces is the twelfth and last sign of the zodiac. Always in love and very inventive, people born between 20 February and 20 March manage to turn unfavourable situations into opportunities and adapt to adversity. People of this sign appreciate original styles and modern décor. Their homes must have many rooms all different from each other to match their many different moods.

Since adaptation is a characteristic of this sign, Venetian terrazzo could hardly not be the most appropriate material to link with Pisces. “Terrazzo” was created when enterprising Venetian mosaic artists discovered a way to reuse marble left over from sites, thereby avoiding the need transport blocks from the mainland to the lagoon city. The 900 Project production of large slabs interprets this ancient tradition through a modern approach. The 900 Project agglomerate marble is divided into two large families, which can be adapted to meet the tastes and moods of clients: “Terrazzo” made with cement, marble chips and natural powders, and “Resin Engineered Marble” made with resin, marble chips and natural powders. Find out more about 900 PROJECT S.R.L. on the company’s page on Marmomac Plus.

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