A stone marathon

The Forum set up inside The Italian Stone Theatrethis year also hosted the Stone section of the Archmarathon Award, an international event created by Platform Magazine that brings together design studios and projects implemented in various countries around the world.

As a kind of architectural talent show, selected designers personally presented their works to the jury in order to access the subsequent stages of the event.

Jury and selected designers

The authoritative jury chaired by Luca Molinari alongside Claudio Silvestrin and Craig Copeland followed the presentations by selected designers closely. Projects sharing the use of marble and natural stone in many different ways: starting from the residential area, such as the home in Campolivar by Spanish designer Antonio Altarriba Comes, the small village of houses in lava stone in the Azores designed by Diogo Mega Arquitetos and the minimalist Hofmann House by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos. Followed by the set-up for a hotel in Istanbul by RDMS studio, a school in the hilly landscape of Cannes designed by Atelier Stéphane Fernandez and the urban redevelopment of Piazza del Cinema on the Venice Lido by C+S Architetti.

The finalists

Three selected projects received the Stone Awards@Archmarathon prize and a consequently included among candidates for the Archmarathon Awards 2020 in their reference categories. The mosque by Dar Arafa Architecture in the village of Basuna convinced the judges in view of the role of stone material in relation to the symbolism of the sacred space. The other two residential and mixed projects were a home overlooking the sea renovated by Marco Ciarlo Associati with cladding of every part visible from the outside with natural stone ashlars of various sizes and the “stone house” by Emilio Tuñón built in Cáceres using local quartzite. Lastly, a special mention went to the resort by GOA studio in China, where buildings renovated for hospitality purposes dialogue with the landscape.

Marmomac Stone Award - Archmarathon 2019


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