The Plus Theatre

The 2023 edition will be a journey through architecture, design and universities to think about stone materials and share new experiments.

The Plus Theatre will be the beating heart of culture and training set up inside Hall 10. During the event, this area will be animated by talks, lectures and workshops focusing on natural stone. It will also be home to the VIP lounge, the restaurant, the wine bar and five cultural exhibitions welcoming exhibitors and visitors to outline natural stone and its applications through an approach ideally inter-connecting the entire production cycle, from the block to the end product. Design and architecture, art and university experimentation, as well as the involvement of important furniture brands: the central theme is a varied yet harmonious interpretation of how natural stone lends itself to more or less complex applications in various sectors and the future developments likely to emerge in this sector.



Curator and author: Raffaello Galiotto

The exhibition resembles as an imaginary herbarium populated by a number of works of art in marble inspired by the plant kingdom. The artists takes inspiration from the fascinating variety of botanical forms to create, through software and numerically controlled machinery, a collection of imaginative, refined, elegant very high precision sculptures. The exhibition seeks to explore the potential of new digital tools in advanced processing of natural stone and the development of this new expressive language. This is an extremely interesting exhibition not the least in view of the variety of highly-prized marble materials involved, the various processing techniques and the superb expertise professionalism of the companies taking part.


Curator: Giorgio Canale

DYNAMIC REAL-TIME INSTALLATION – For the first time in the history of MARMOMAC, the project will be implemented during the event itself creating a strong attraction pole. The work will be signed by an internationally renowned artist and will progressively take shape hour by hour to highlight the input of latest-generation machinery, modern technologies and people in the creation of a project unique of its kind in the world.


Curator: ADI (Association for Industrial Design) Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige Delegation

NATURAL STONE SYNERGIES – The exhibition seeks to create material tables, or mood boards, using natural stone and marble samples of various sizes. Tools and manufacturing techniques will be explored, including attention to the colours of stone materials. The goal is to create distinctive, elegant projects that go beyond simple cladding to meet the needs of contemporary architecture.


Curator and author: Giuseppe Fallacara

ADVANCED RESEARCHAND EXPERIMENTATION WITH NATURAL STONE – In architecture, materials are neither ancient nor modern: it is how the material is used and shaped that aligns the result with its times . With this in mind, we intend to give meaning to the design input presented within the Marmomac Meets Academies 2023 exhibition against the broader cultural space at Marmomac.


Curator: BiancoBianco

This year’s Wine Bar is another of BiancoBianco’s flagships. Inspired by Sicily, it enhances the purity and aesthetics of natural stone, highlighting the island’s materials and production characteristics.