Workspace transition: from Monochrome to Colours

Demetra Italia and The Marble Whisperer are pleased to present at the Marmomac 2023 the installation “Workspace transition: from Monochrome to Colours” which shows the evolution of the workspace of us marble workers over time.

A matter of stone by Elle Decor Italia

Hall 1 Stand 14Bis

In the monochrome part, we recreated an office from the past, in black, gray and white, where we show the tools we used back then. Next to it, the “color” workspace concept shows a contemporary office with marble furniture, one-of-a-kind pieces designed by The Marble Whisperer using sustainable materials exclusive to Demetra with cutting-edge workmanship. Demetra Italia srl is a company that has been conducting research and development in ornamental stone quarries (marble and granite) since its founding in 1992. The company is personally managed by geologist Dr. Attilio Bencaster, owner with his family of 100 percent of the Company’s capital. Today, the activity of Demetra Italia srl builds on the 30-year experience of Attilio Bencaster and his collaborators, who have always been active in the research and excavation of marble and granite. Since the beginning, the company has found new stones, unknown in the world market such as Blue Eyes, in the far north of Canada, St. Croix de Mareuil, stones from Bordeaux (France). This work has been done in non-traditional areas of mining. Today, Demetra Italia srl concentrates its efforts in the search for historical materials especially from Italy, so as to rediscover wonderful stones used by the greatest artists and architects of the past and fallen into oblivion.

The Marble Whisperer is a platform for people passionate about marble. It is a place where people who have had a vision, can create their dream interior, and live surrounded by the exquisite beauty of natural stone, while also feeling reassured that the stone available is sustainable sourced. At TMW we specialise in bespoke high-end residential projects. We provide a tailored, turnkey service. It is extremely important for us to educate our clients, so they understand the process, as we “whisper” and guide them towards the best options available. We feel this gives our clients the rare opportunity to see and touch the various stages of craftsmanship as their project develops. We collaborate with industry leading Architectural and Interior Designing firms, Contractors and Artists, offering our expertise and services wherever they are required. The Marble Whisperer is run by Francesca Di Cola Malfatti, owner and creative director of Carrara based International Marble Enterprise.


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