Marmi Strada guardians of tradition 

Founded in 1983 and today represents an important artisan and entrepreneurial reality in the field of processing and transformation of natural materials like marble and stone.

A matter of stone by Elle Decor Italia

Hall 1 Stand 3

the factory

Has an area of about 29.000 square meters that includes a large outdoor exhibition area, showroom, laboratory, reception, commercial offices, administrative.


Technicians and craftsmen are the strength of the company,and very well equipped with great experience and knowledge of ancient and very recent techniques.


Highly specialised staff and equipment make the production process precise and efficient; we own water jet machines, 5-axis C N C, computerized milling machines, lasers, diamond wire, edge polishers sandblasting gantry cars, cranes. From the cutting, finishing, pre-assembly, quality control, packaging, delivery and  installation on sites and abroad.


Special attention for eco-sustainability of processes.

design studio

Marmi Strada has a design team that supports clients and designers of relief on site to the production of photorealistic models, samples, to assistance during installation in Italy and abroad.


An exhibition space of 600 square meters allows visitors to choose materials and finished products. At our entrance you will find the stone materials through a very rich marble library.

marble design

The collaboration with architects such as Cosimo Vozza, Luciano Salamino and other designers, allows us to transfer the infinite potential of an ancient material to the public.


The challenge is to renew the image of natural stone perceived by the new generations as heavy, outdated and suitable for a “design” classic, and to affirm a new vision of it light, flexible, and durable versatile over the years acquired increasingly international clientele with large projects abroad for the realization of major private residences churches commercial buildings te the realization of all kinds and sizes.


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