Interior Design: Villa K

Privately owned, a two-floor residence located in Dubai, in the Millenium Estates of Meydan, United Arab Emirates, Villa K is an example of the avant-garde and narrative use of marble.

The building is spread over two levels, with a double-height ceiling at the main entrance, the stair hall and the main reception area. Various marble slabs and finishes have been used for the furnishing of this charming Villa with the aim of accentuating the potential of natural stone in the interiors of the residence. Each slab of marble has been carefully selected to create a harmonious, perfectly-matched whole, wrapping floors and walls, and carved to include patterns, textures and lighting details.

an innovative use of marble

A lover of the material, the client who commissioned the furnishing of the Villa wanted to use marble in a unique way to create depth and various shades and atmospheres. The intent, through the use of marble, was to emphasize the themes within the different spaces, in the name of a unique lifestyle. With these goals in mind, the aesthetic of Villa K is one of “altered materiality”, with an avant-garde use of marble to create a unique spatial complexity. During the design project, the material palette was guided by careful consideration of natural light and artificial lighting elements, aiming to take the client on an atmospheric journey full of textures and patterns perceived through the senses of sight and touch. The colors, materials, textures, and veins of the marble change according to the space, telling a different story each time.

structure and textures of villa k

In Villa K, each room is designed with a new texture in mind, with marble that matches the functionality of the space and initiates a dialogue with the light and the shape of its architectural elements. On the ground floor, the marble chosen is of a cooler tone, to cover the floor with a book finish, while the walls are clad in a grooved marble that adds depth to the space. To complete the veining of the marble, wood is also added, which adorns the texture of lines of oak veneer. Suspended in the double-height reception area, unique luminaires float, providing a sculptural ambient light. The stairs leading to the second floor interfere with the marble used, the style of the finishes and the sculpted cladding: steps and walls are covered with silver travertine, which reveals monolithic stairs characterized by different luminous scenarios that simultaneously envelop the steps, walls and patio.

On the second floor, a bridge crosses the entrance connecting the bedrooms. Of the latter, each is characterized by its own particular selection of materials and finishes, with the addition of light, vegetation and wood finishes that define the character of this area of the residence. The materials chosen for this second floor are once again natural materials with a story to tell. Residues together with what nature offers have been incorporated into design elements within the furnishings, the more functional areas of the house and the parking lot. The latter, in fact, was covered with a patchwork of silver travertine marble residue. In conclusion, from the selection of materials to the design of the furniture, the fulcrum of the interior design project of Villa K was nature, the absolute protagonist, which is reflected in the colors, finishes, materials and accessories of this spectacular residence.


Photo credit: Alex Jeffries Group

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