Intermac: the production of kitchen tops for the ideal marble factory thanks to Primus and Master technologies

Producing in a flexible way but at the same time maintaining the standard costs of industrial production: this is the real necessity of those working with stone materials nowadays. How can this goal be met? Intermac allows to create a complete and real production process of a marble workshop by retracing all the processing steps made possible thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies, solutions and software.

Thanks to an integrated and automated solution, the various production phases can be optimized to ensure the optimum quality of the end product and managing many slabs in a small space, with loading systems to feed one or more cutting lines.

Now more than ever, with the ongoing introduction on the market of ever new materials, water jet cutting – which has always boasted the utmost versatility – constitutes one of the most appealing technologies for companies in the stone industry to add to their production line. The Primus technology in particular offers the advantage of being able to cut any material, of any shape and size, with simple programming and the complete absence of tool changeovers, therefore avoiding the ensuing adjustments required when switching from one material to another. In a constantly evolving market such as the stone industry, where customers frequently switch from machining natural stone to increasingly innovative composite materials, and even ceramic materials, the Primus proves to be among the most popular water jet cutting machines available to companies in this industry, thanks to its reliability and cutting accuracy.
If we look in detail at the machining of this kitchen worktop, water jet cutting is extremely important due to the possibility of completing in a single task the cutting of internal cut-outs with squared corners, or alternatively rounded internal cut-outs, such as cut-outs for a sink, which will subsequently need to be polished with a machining center.

The Master is Intermac’s machining center, capable of performing a wide range of machining processes, from the simplest to the most complex, guaranteeing users a first-choice quality finish for machining natural stone as well as synthetic materials and ceramic. The Master is available in various versions, depending on the maximum sheet size machinable, with machining heads featuring three, four or five axes, allowing the configuration of the machine to be adapted to suit the specific needs of each marble works. For the production of kitchen worktops, the Master can perform practically all the machining processes typically required for kitchen worktops, such as drilling, milling, polishing external edges or internal cut-outs, with peripheral grinding or cup grinding, polished sinking, polishing of draining boards, cuts with a straight sawblade or 45-degree cuts.

Focus: Master, maximised productivity

The MTS system can process various types of glass sheets of different shapes and sizes as part of a Batch One production process, with no need to worry about changing the positioning of the suction cups in the machine each time, thus enabling different sheets to be machined in succession.

With MTS, the work table can be configured with up to 40 telescopic suction cups of differing sizes and shapes. MTS systems are automatically managed by the PLC machine software, and can be programmed using the specific CAM functionalities developed by Intermac.

There are tre possible configurations:

  • 20 telescopic suction cups (basic configuration)
  • 30 telescopic suction cups (optional)
  • 40 telescopic suction cups (optional)

Both telescopic and standard suction cups can be fitted on the work table simultaneously.

*except Plus versions

Intermac at Marmomac, HALL 5


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