John Papagiannoulis Bros SA | 60 years Quality & Trust Greek Marble. A Natural Stone with History

John Papagiannoulis Bros SA will be attending Marmomac with two spaces, the main booth of the company at Outdoor Area D, Stand D8 where the company will be presenting its’ famous JPAPA Volakas & Thassos blocks and select, new material, as well as an additional space showcasing Thassos slabs at Outdoor Area D, Stand D576.

Since ancient times the splendor of Greece has been expressed through marble. Nothing can be compared with marble, a natural product of rare and inimitable beauty. Greek marble has a historical and cultural significance like no other material in the world; it symbolizes democracy and the birth of civilization, it is synonymous to beauty, timeless elegance but also status and durability.

As a natural stone, each block, slab or even tile is unique and can be perceived as a piece of art. Combining its genuine characteristics and excellent physical and mechanical properties, with the rich history and legacy of Greek marble, each stone sourced from Greeces’ quarries carries such gravitas that makes it a ‘must use material’ in any architectural project that will stand through time. Greek marble: a wonder of nature, a craftsmanship history ever evolving since antiquity, an ever-shining symbol of creativity and light.

Dolomite marble and crystallic dolomite marble in particular, such as Volakas and Thassos respectively, are excellent choices both aesthetically and constructionally. Extremely strong properties, such as heat and stain resistance but also high level of hardness, meet the beauty and uniqueness of marble, a metamorphic rock produced by the power of nature, deeming them ideal for a vast range of uses, interior and exterior, artistic, or structural.

Let’s take a closer look into these special, white Greek marble varieties:

Volakas marble

Be it with its diagonal veins, swirls, or light-colored hues on the characteristic white background, Volakas is a material which guarantees a harmonious yet powerful result in any space.

First traded from the Macedonian Greeks of antiquity, Volakas marble is well known for its powerful white background touched by elegant grey veins. Physically it is highly resistant to wear, due to its superb mechanical flexibility. Visually versatile, with different varieties that favor distinct vein patterns, this marble is adaptable to a plethora of projects and construction needs. The material sourced at our quarry is a stellar ambassador of the white Volakas marble: extra strong natural stone of superior quality, with a signature clear white background and a range of light to powerful grey veins that create an astonishing result.

Thassos marble

A world-renowned, iconic material which brings class and light in any project used, while ensuring durability and being ideal both for interior and exterior use.

One of the most emblematic Greek marble varieties, Thassos marble, harvested from the homonymous island in northern Greece, has been used since the 6th century BC, with numerous applications in ancient Greek and Roman architecture. With a unique pure snow whiteness and its characteristic crystals that reflect the sunlight making it even brighter, this premium marble is extremely strong and versatile, suitable for any project and matches great with different materials. Its natural brightness and sparkle are only accompanied by the greatest mechanical density and special natural and engineering properties impeding heat absorption, making it an ideal choice for projects that aim to last through time. With great respect to this material’s history, our company’s quarry in Thassos is internationally deemed one of the top in the area and continues its legacy through modern projects.

Iconic Greek marble, in iconic projects worldwide

Throughout our 60 years of operation, we have participated in the construction of highly distinctive projects across the world supplying our finest material, always focusing on ensuring the best quality and value for our customers and collaborators.

Whether supplying top quality, hand selected natural stone to high-end residential projects, corporate spaces, and luxurious hotels, or working together with architects for the provision of our unique material for international landmarks such as major public spaces, spiritual centers and museums, our attention to detail and focus on quality ensure timeless elegance and excellence.

Such international projects are

The MGM Hotel (Las Vegas, USA), the Bloomingdales and Macy’s buildings in various states in the U.S.A., the R.R. Donnelley Building (Chicago, Illinois, USA), the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir (Robbinsville, New Jersey, USA), the Taj Mahal project (Atlantic city, New Jersey, USA), the William’s Island project (Miami, Florida, USA), the Radice Corporate Center (Miami, Florida, USA), the Travel Lodge Hotel (Brooklyn, New York, USA), the Two Midtown Plaza (Atlanta, Georgia, USA), the N.C.R. Headquarters (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), the World Trade Center in Beijing (Beijing, China), the Shanghai Grand Theater (Shanghai, China), the Rainbow Hotel (Shanghai, China), the SAS Radisson Hotel (Beijing, China), the Palace of King Fahd in Hail (Hail, Saudi Arabia), the Palace of Sheikh Abbar in Jeddah (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia), the King Faisal Masjid/Mosque (Islamabad, Pakistan), Mecca (Mecca, Saudi Arabia), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi, UAE), the National Housing Authority (Al Rabia, Kuwait), the Hilton Kuwait Resort (Salmiya, Kuwait), the Nurses Housing & Hospital complex (Libya), the Sheraton Hotel (Limassol, Cyprus), the Zenith Center (Chatswood NSW, Australia), the Sheraton Seagaia Resort (Miyazaki, Japan), the Makati Shangri-La Hotel (Manila, Philippines), the Caribbean Condo (Keppel Bay, Singapore) and more.

Indicative projects in Greece, we can refer to are the following

Syntagma Square, Omonia Square, the Benaki Museum in Athens, Astir Hotel in Vouliagmeni, the University of Rethymno, the Passenger boarding area at Piraeus port authorities, the Archives Building of the National Bank of Greece, the Central Securities Depository Building, the Sato building, the central branch of Chios Bank, the Naval Administration center, the Interamerican building, the Delta building, etc.

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