Living Marble: Butterfly House, London

Gray marble. Black marble. Blue details. And a lot of natural light: these are the elements that make the Butterfly House in London a modern and elegant apartment, which of the concept of “minimalism” made its key point.

Minimalism that, however, has left a lot of space for the creatives of Biasol studio, which was in charge of the interior design, to add details and elements that amplify the beauty of this space. Here’s what to know about Butterfly House and its marble.

the project

We are in East London, an area where you breathe art everywhere, full of galleries, and independent boutiques, immersed in a creative atmosphere. There is where we find Butterfly House. It is a typical English townhouse that owes its name to its V-shaped structure and its wing-like roof. This 90 square-meters house was previously a dark space, with little access to natural light: the new owners decided to turn to the Biasol studio, based in Melbourne, to give “new life” to it. The studio followed two main approaches for this project: natural light and colorful furnishing and finishes. “Sunlight is transformative. It can change the experience of a space, as well as how we live, feel and relate to one another,” said Jean-Pierre Biasol, head of the studio.

While bringing to London the affinity for natural light typical of Australian spaces, Biasol didn’t forget to respect and emphasize the English details and spirit of this house. By doing so, the ground floor has become an open space where to find the kitchen and the living room, with windows of different sizes designed to let in as much light as possible. In the kitchen, we find furniture in a deep blue shade, including the central island, with black marble countertops, which add an extra touch to the room. The same blue was used for the sofa in the living room to create continuity between these two rooms. The walls, on the other hand, were left white to emphasize the bright space. If blue and black with golden details are also in the bathroom to recall the same style, the protagonist in this room is gray marble, which covers every surface and which, when enlightened by sunlight, creates a refined space.

the marble

Some say that black and blue do not match, but it is not the case of the Butterfly House: here, the blue furniture of the kitchen and living room perfectly match the black marble of the countertops. It is an elegant solution, perfect for the construction of kitchen tops, sinks, and shower thanks to its features of resistance and elegance, which add an extra touch to space both in classic and contemporary solutions. Plus, we find light gray marble which, with its white veins, covers all the bathroom’s surfaces to emphasize its brightness. It is a suitable choice for this room that, moreover, goes well with black marble or other materials (such as wood) to give life to timeless interiors, regardless of the chosen style.

the studio

Biasol studio, founded in 2012 by Jean-Pierre Biasol, is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Melbourne. It designs different spaces, from stores to residences, to create practical and original solutions that allow those who experience these spaces to emotionally connect with them. Besides, it also has its line of furniture.

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