Marble and sustainability: the Stonethica case

Marble processing waste is a growing problem: quarrying has now reached very high peaks around the world and how to reuse the natural stone processing waste, including marble, is being addressed by many.

Among those who have understood the potential of marble scraps, making them their philosophy and creating the grounding of their brand, we find Stonethica, a company born in Pietrasanta near the quarries of Torano, Fantiscritti, and Colonnata. Stonethica was born as a company producing stone materials within an eco-sustainable cycle: scraps from the processing of marble, and natural stone in general, are recycled and assembled in Stonethica slabs thanks to a completely non-toxic two-component resin. Over time, the Stonethica range has expanded considerably, becoming a leader in the national and international scene. Stonethica products are made out of recycled material (98.6% and 99.4%) obtained thanks to a system of reuse and assembly of waste and, for this reason, is part of an innovative economic fabric called the Circular Economy. But what is the circular economy? And how does this company approach it? As they have stated, it is “a non-linear economic approach that influences and changes company production procedures to increase the life of the goods produced, regenerating or giving them a reconditioning so that they can re-enter the market in another form, to systematically reduce waste”.

This is Stonethica’s production cycle starting point: recovering the Apuani and waste marbles from different processes and re-value them to return to the Earth an extremely noble material, with classical, unique and inimitable characteristics.

Sustainability, therefore, becomes the main cornerstone for this company, or rather, their mission; marble is a natural resource of excellence that won’t last forever and, as such, it must be preserved and safeguarded: “from the Apuan Alps we extract the most sought after and valuable marbles in the world. The fame of these stones runs through the entire history of art from Michelangelo Buonarroti to Antonio Canova to our time. Over time the demand has grown enormously and not only in the sculptural field but also in the construction, interior, and design fields. From the blocks, extracted from the quarry, slabs of all kinds are made and processed, the waste of which are often accumulated or disposed of in huge quantities”.

Stonethica is perfect for the covering of floors, walls, kitchen tops, bathrooms, and even interior design objects. The company searches, selects and assembles the Apuan marble to share a beauty that comes not from the new, but from a wise work of recovery. It consists of seven lines: Calacatta, Carrara Mix, Bardiglio, White Carrara, Statuary, Cardoso Stone, and GreyStone, and each of them is designed and developed in their laboratory in Pietrasanta.

Whatever the project is, Stonethica always seeks the opportunity to convey its values in terms of natural stone, beauty, and quality of materials, all timeless and environmentally sustainable. For architects, interior designers, marble designers, retailers, and end customers, Stonethica is looking for the ideal solution for all kinds of needs.

The company’s philosophy is summed up in this simple sentence: “Stop Digging, Keep Seeking. ” It is not only a way of thinking but a real invitation for people to rethink their way of approaching nature, discovering new worlds and possibilities, without the need to destroy our surroundings: “It is not only territorial or spatial exploration but also intellectual, of concept, aimed at preserving the world in which we live by recovering resources rather than destroying them”.




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