Marble pastel colours for a concept store

Sinuous shapes and the juxtaposition of materials in pastel colours characterize the new concept store of the Spanish brand An&BE created by Patricia Bustos Studio.

The project, with a Mediterranean and pleasant style, recalls the company’s specific details, such as the neutral colours and the characteristic circular buttons. Partitions in arches, natural stones, concrete blocks, terracotta, gresite and natural rattan where the architects wanted to reflect all the work done by hand, in addition to the delicacy of the basics with something special, creating a timeless space. The people who enter will find a harmonious space that integrates a sense of raw beauty while discovering the numerous collections of the brand through the exhibitors to the fitting rooms.

The architecture and the garments dialogue with each other and tell a story of heritage and innovation. Earth colours have been chosen for the store’s furnishings in contrast to the warm tones of the ceiling and edges of the arches and baseboards. In combination with Portuguese pink marble, Travertine marble is used for the central tables, counter and bench in the fitting area. The entire store is finished with a skirting board created with clay pieces in different tones and placed piece by piece throughout the store. The lighting has been distributed to create a warm atmosphere and respect the garments’ shades. The store is designed with curves referring to the buttons so characteristic of the firm, mixed with mirrors so that the customer is reflected in the firm’s world and sees themselves inside it. There are no corners, as all have been rounded, creating a harmonious space where the garments are the protagonists.


Year: 2022
Photography: JC DE MARCOS

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