Marble Project: Lisette Bakery

Now, imagine a pastry shop stocked with sweets, ice cream, and chocolates. Then imagine luxury design elements, where marble stands out as the protagonist, making the experience of the customers who enter it even more precious.

Welcome to the Lisette pastry shop, finely designed by the Nēowe studio in Ankara, Turkey, where elegance is the main ingredient that composes this space. Here’s what to know about the project and its marble!

the project

The Lisette pastry shop was designed by the Nēowe studio to enclose the pastries in a luxurious and finely decorated way: the color palette is inspired by Lisette’s own identity and is found in the materials and details within the space.

Alongside the custom surfaces, we find the reflective installations that cover the ceiling, the brass, and the windows used on the front façade that give a sophisticated and elegant feeling, making the atmosphere totally aligned with the soul of Lisette. Inspired by the brand’s half-dome chocolates, Lisette’s 44 sqm interior space, thanks to the many details and diversity of materials, offers a memorable experience for visitors.

The handmade Venetian terrazzo tiles were created with a variety of marble pieces that recall the unique ingredients of the chocolate produced by the brand. The displays, floors, and walls almost seem to be connected, and this continuity of space is emphasized by strips of one-piece brass used in the joints of the blocks. In the interior space, where Art Deco elements and design solutions are dominant, brass and Venetian terrazzo materials provide integrity by creating a warm and comfortable environment.

The geometries, materials, and pastel colors, integral parts of the design, underline the identity of the Lisette brand providing an unforgettable experience for customers as if it were a box of chocolates carved in a single piece of Venetian terrazzo.

the marble

The terracotta-colored walls create a striking background for the installation consisting of brass flakes illuminated by special spotlights, while the extensive use of the Venetian terrazzo reflects the attention of the designers towards the available space. And the Venetian terrazzo is the reference material for floors, counters, and past parts of the walls: with its granules in pink, white, gray, and golden marble, it creates a visual effect of impact but it is always sophisticated, enveloping the environment almost as if it were the box of a chocolate.

The Venetian marble terrace was very much in use in the past, especially around the 1940s, but today it is back in vogue for its uniqueness and ability to make an environment colorful in an original way. The Venetian floors give a very shiny effect and, at the same time, extremely resistant to abrasion, which gives a further aura of luxury and splendor to the types of flooring of undoubtedly classic origin but always very sought after.

The wide possibility of customizing Venetian floors, among infinite colors and opportunities makes sure that they are increasingly appreciated in the interior design sector for different needs and even for the most demanding customers.

the study

Nēowe was founded in 2017 by Nil Emiroğlu, F. Sertaç Kılıç and Ferhat Özkan in Çankaya District in Turkey. It has always been dedicated to the creation of luxury interior design solutions, which are unique and refined in detail, with a love for contrasts given by the combination of contemporary and classic elements. The focus of the studio is to create a relationship with its customers, suppliers, and designers to give life to successful projects that are original, rich in values, and visionary.

Photo credit: Ibrahim Ozbunar

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