Marmo Arredo Milano: The New Showroom Just Off the Duomo

Combining the precision and reliability of technology with the passion for craftsmanship, in order to make every project unique, Marmo Arredo is a cutting-edge company that offers designers and architects the best and most vanguard machine tools, allowing the development of bold and innovative projects. As a consequence, the company makes sure to always blend technological perfection with a strong artisan focus, thanks to the contribution of over 150 experts and the manual finishing of every stone.

Inaugurated during the 2022 Milan Design Week, the Marmo Arredo Milano showroom was designed by Stefano Boeri Interiors, which has also created a collection of furnishing accessories, with the stone materials and their versatility of use playing the leading part in the scene.

marmo Arredo Milano: Story and Mission

Marmo Arredo Milano is a company with more than 40 years of experience in the processing of marbles, granites, natural stones, and composite materials, distinguishing itself in the world for its passion fueled by a quest for the most precious ideal in the world: beauty.

The team of stone professionals leading Marmo Arredo Milano follows and achieves the goal of combining technology and beauty, selecting, designing, and creating solutions for marbles, granites, natural stones, composite materials, and quartz agglomerates, always with one main goal in mind: to offer customers the best covering to fulfill their dreams.

With a passionately innovation-oriented vision, Marmo Arredo Milano always looks to the future, guided by the skilled hands of experienced professionals in the stone sector.

the Company’s Production Sites

Marmo Arredo knows and catalogs stones from all over the world.
With a warehouse of over 20,000 square metres, a showcase of more than 30,000 slabs and 40 years of experience in researching stone materials, we are now the ideal partner to help you find the perfect stone, whether it is a natural material from the depths of the earth or a technological surface with contemporary appeal.

Since the outset, Marmo Arredo has followed the development of Engineered Stone and has become the major Italian distributor while acquiring the most sophisticated processing skills. In July 2010, the company set up a futuristic plant in Magdeburg (Germany), guaranteeing designers a complete production chain. The same rigorous quality standards are applied from the raw material to the end product.

the New Showroom

Designed by the multidisciplinary studio Stefano Boeri Interiors, the new Marmo Arredo Milano showroom is located in Milan’s city center, a few steps from the iconic Duomo, in via Santa Tecla 3, and is an experiential space addressing architects, designers, and experts in the field, but also people with a passion for stone materials and many more. The collaboration with Stefano Boeri Interiors started from the desire to explain how quartz is a transversal material, optimal for multiple uses, with the aim of promoting innovative solutions capable to generate value over time and always respecting sustainability principles. The Marmo Arredo Milano showroom is organized on two levels, and is an immersive and sensory space, planned to enhance the versatility of the products and demonstrate the variety of their applications.

“When planning this new space, we
Wanted to create a unique space in its genre: an exhibition location that is, however, flexible to the needs of a dynamic company like Marmo Arredo. To meet the needs of insiders, but also to welcome different kinds of audiences,” explain the architects Giorgio Donà and Stefano Boeri, co-founders of Stefano Boeri Interiors. Flexibility is the main design criterion that started and led the design and development of the exhibition layout, for spaces that can evolve and shapeshift without ever losing their identity.

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