Marmomac Re-Start Digital Edition: a new format

The new digital platform allows visitors and exhibitors to interact in a unique and innovative.

Three days (from September 30th to October 2nd) of meetings, networking, B2B, and events where the marble community will have the opportunity to forge relationships in a global format. But how to move within this revolution?

what will we talk about

Marmomac Re-Start Digital Edition takes off as a new opportunity to do business, connect, and keep up with the times. It also becomes an outstanding possibility to create new sharing spaces. But, the heart of Marmomac doesn’t change: it remains the most important trade show in the world dedicated to the entire chain of lithic production, from the quarry to the processed product, from technologies and machinery to tools. Marmomac is today the central international hub for the marble protagonists. A platform where business and professional development meet to build something new.

Therefore, you will find exhibitors, networking opportunities, webinars, and much more:

  • Manufacturers of machines and technologies for processing marble and granite: extraction, block cutting, cranes and vehicle for lifting, shredding, but also machines for the final processing of marble such as those for polishing, edging and finishing.
  • Tools and chemical products, i.e. consumable products for the processing of natural stone such as abrasive products for marble and granite, diamond coated tools and chemical products that allow the modeling and finishing of natural stone slabs.
  • The design world is as usual (but every time more) an integral part of Marmomac.
  • News: all product innovations and new technologies.

how to register

Visiting Marmomac Re-Start Digital Edition 2020 needs just few steps:

  1. Create your user profile online by filling out the registration form. In this way, you will enter the world of Marmomac for free.
  2. Explore projects and products from the online catalog that gathers exhibitors from all over the world.
  3. Get in touch with exhibitors through one-to-one meetings that will allow you to meet people and companies of your interest.
  4. Communicate online with exhibitors via video chats and video calls.
  5. Don’t forget to sign up and attend online event sessions to overcome the distances and do business wherever you are, with the whole world.

why attending

The reason is simple: Marmomac Re-Start Digital Edition is not only a different way to experience the event, but it’s an opportunity of global networking where the largest marble community online can be found and just a click away and where registration and accreditation are free for visitors.
From production to processing and from all over the world, the whole marble supply chain is here. In this way, it is possible to create unique marketing and networking opportunities among all those who work in the sector, precisely when global appointments are being canceled. You will witness a tremendous digital innovation, with high-quality standards that have always distinguished Marmomac on the international scene.
Besides, you will thus attend the first global event for marble of 2020.
And, don’t forget that thanks to Artificial Intelligence, you will have personalized suggestions to have a custom-made visit just for you, according to your interests, without wasting time!

the Marmomac Re-Start platform

To help you explore the new digital world of Marmomac we have created a tool with which you will be able to manage all the networking possibilities and smartly visit the event opportunities: the list of exhibitors (among which you can save your favorites), the list of offered products, a calendar of online events and webinars, and the possibility of being able to organize one-to-one meetings in just one place.


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