Marmomac travelling to beirut for ‘We Speak Stone’

Marmomac makes a stop in Beirut.

Nine natural stone companies, Antolini, Bellamoli, Bauce Bruno, Domos, La Lessinia Graniti, Marmi Scala, Marmi Santa Caterina, Santa Margherita and Marini Marmi, they will be involved for two days, 17 – 18 May, in meetings with the most important local architecture, engineering and contract firms, as well as the region’s leading marble importers, all selected by Marmomac in collaboration with Platform Architecture and Design, without overlooking institutional occasions scheduled with the Italian Embassy and the ICE Office in Beirut.

We Speak Stone-Beirut is an initiativethat continues the scouting activity whereby Marmomac accompanies Italian companies in the sector not only to consolidated markets such as the United States, focusing on New York during the 2016 tour, but also to emerging markets.

In addition to growing internal demand, Lebanon is also a strategic hub for a large part of the Middle East and will be a key location for the future reconstruction of Syria, as it already is today for Iraq. The Middle East is an historic crossroads for international trade and takes more than 55% of Italian processed and semi-finished marble and granite exports to Asia.

The Marmomac Observatory indicates that Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon and Israel in 2016 posted an overall total of 186.5 million euros. Despite a 17% downturn in the wake of international tensions, exports to Qatar in 2016 came to 28.5 million euros, up by 15.4% over the previous year.


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