Marmomac visited the exhibition dedicated to David Chipperfield

Having already been in the forefront of past editions of Marmomac, Vicenza hosts an exhibition dedicated to the great english architect.

The cultural events in the period leading up to the next edition of Marmomac especially include the return of major exhibitions dedicated to exponents of international architecture in the Palladian Basilica, Vicenza. With David Chipperfield Architects. Works 2018 open from May to the beginning of September, the protagonist is the work of the English architect’s studio (or rather of studios) which enjoys strong links with the trade fair in Verona. In fact, the exhibition in Vicenza, before dedicating significant space to more recent projects, opens with a brief overview of some of the main features that helped Sir David establish himself as a global archistar. Examples include the Jumex Museum in Mexico City, developed between 2009 and 2013 and one of the winners in 2015 of the fourteenth edition of the International Stone Architecture Award established in 1987 to reward works whose architectural significance and technical-expressive qualities in the use of stone materials are landmarks on the international scene.

These features in the building housing the Jumex collection of contemporary art, one of the largest in Latin America, are evident in its recognisability and “monumentality”. Set in a highly urbanised environment lacking aspects of urban quality, the single-material cladding of the external volume using large slabs in light-coloured Travertine from the nearby Xalapa quarries achieves strict geometry for the facades, including the industrial shed-style roof. Only the loggia-belvedere on the first floor, above the pilotis level, provides a hint of the sheer depth of the interior spaces behind the natural stone cladding.

Yet this was not the only time Chipperfield was involved in Marmomacc. In 2010, the Quarry Architectures exhibition curated by Vincenzo Pavan presented a project for developing a parterre with the aim of making Cava Arcari accessible to cultural events, given its grandiose architecture designed “by subtraction” in the heart of the Berici Hills near Zovencedo, the historical Vicenza Stone quarry area belonging to the Morseletto family. At the time, this project was still under development. The Vicenza exhibition now includes the final version, following the inauguration of this multi-purpose venue in June with a concert by Michael Nyman. Yet another interplay between Verona and Vicenza.


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