Natural Things curated by Raffaello Galiotto

The rich and varied panorama of products populating our homes or social venues involves the use of many different materials: artificial, natural or mixed.

The growing variety of materials, combined with the expanding skills of companies in imitating the finest natural materials with chromatic and tactile effects, makes recognising natural authenticity increasingly difficult.

Against this confused background, stone – the natural material par excellence – can become an element of genuine and physical connection between man and nature.

The exhibition aims to rediscover this atavistic relationship through eight new design projects developed by eight renowned designers boasting experience with natural stone materials and produced by Italian companies of excellence in the sector.

The eight installations will be individually inserted in cylindrical spaces measuring 4 metres in diameter marked off by a suspended porous mesh to constitute an archipelago of islands which visitors will be free to access.

Each project will be accompanied by texts and video interviews with the designers to encourage understanding and the purpose of each installation.


Marco Acerbis / Margraf
Serena Confalonieri / Bianco Cave
Draw / Bagnara Nikolaus
Lorenzo Palmieri / Vicentina Marmi, Donatoni Macchine
Valeria Eva Rossi / Gmm
Studiopepe / Antolini
Andrea Morgante / Marmi Strada
Dustin White / Gruppo Tosco Marmi


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