Pettrus: High quality ornamental stones from a sustainable company

Choices define the relationship between man and time.
How do we deal with what is immaterial?

A matter of stone by Elle Decor Italia

Hall 1 Stand 10 Pettrus

Choices define the relationship between man and time.
How do we deal with what is immaterial?
What importance do we ascribe to each of these decisions?
Do we even try to rationalize it?
Are we conscious enough to perceive what is around us?
Beyond the immediate, the triviality, the convenience.
It is the moment of deconstruction of the past, of what is already established
Can we truly perceive history, feeling, art, purpose?
Can we recognize that which is eternal?

What is universal?
The stone transcends us.
Its veins run through the interior of the earth long before we ever walked on it.
It is the language by which the eons express themselves.
It’s shelter.
It is the artist’s canvas.
Of an unaltered purity.
A raw beauty that dismisses interference, that needs to be understood.
The stone is part of our history.

What is the human, social, environmental value of a stone?
What is her true provenance?
This is our gacaoal. Demystify. Transform perceptions, practices, the environment itself.
A unique moment in our history, in which we are trailblazers in rethinking the past
Show a new path, which yearns for change.
Innovate, to be better.

Pettrus understands that doing things differently is a necessity.
We value the humane, caring for people.
People that materialize the artistic potential of Brazilian ornamental rock, present in each process of its production.
It is necessary to rethink our relationship with the material.

Assign meaning to each rock,
and significance to each step.
Responsibility in what permeates us
and commitment in our actions.
Our purpose is to honor the eternal.
What is your purpose?


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