Run-up to Marmomac 2019: marble is served

The consolidated tradition of Ristorante d’Autore the restaurant set up as part of The Italian Stone Theatre – every year finds a pertinent interpretation in stone.

The good and natural ingredients available on the market in this sector are used, which the designers of the Veneto Trentino Alto Adige delegation of ADI (Industrial Design Association) then interpret for their preparations. While waiting for the 2019 menu to be announced, the recipes and dishes of each designer at the last edition tackled the main theme of the hall – water – literally giving it form and substance through creative and surprising proposals matching as the infinite variety of marble and natural stone materials.

The shape of water

There are twelve tables designed by six designers and the involvement of a number of companies supplying and processing the stone materials. The variety of colours and veins teams up with interpretations developed in each item. The circular tops have concretions and reliefs, inlays and inserts, or else welcome furnishings and accessories designed for table settings: all in all, these are installations on the scale of tables-objects, combining dispositions, rules and narrative seductions. Just as every good design and other project seeks to be, just like good food. The cuisine served at Ristorante d’Autore is prepared every year by famous Italian chefs who take turns to present special menus designed to ensure an exciting lunch experience.


Ristorante d’Autore | STONE POOL
The shape of water
Curated by ADI Veneto & Trentino Alto Adige Delegation
Concept and coordination: Silvia Sandini
Video curated by Alessandro Barison
Set-up design: Michela Baldessari , Paolo Criveller, Luca Facchini, Valerio Facchin, Silvia Sandini and Carlo Trevisani.
Reception desk:
Carlo Trevisani / MARMI REMUZZI BERGAMO – Bislapis product


Porto di Mare”: Luca Facchini / Lavagnoli Marmi
“Solid”: Paolo Criveller / Lavagnoli Marmi
“Drop 01”: Carlo Trevisani / C.M.M.
“Drop 02”: Carlo Trevisani / Fasani Celeste
“Specchio d’acqua” e “La Plage Acqua Azzurra”: Michela Baldessari / Mondo Marmo Design
“Polosciolto”: Luca Facchini / Intermac
“Reflections”: Paolo Criveller E Hiroyuki Yamada/ Intermac
“Stop Plastic Bag In The Sea” e “Brezza Di Mare”: Silvia Sandini / C.M.M.
“Erosione”: Valerio Facchin / Athena Marmi
“Raining”: Valerio Facchin / Essegi Marmi


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