Stone Group International | Concept Design: Infinite Beauty

Infinite Beauty celebrates the boundless allure and adaptability of materials, offering a minimal architectural expression that blurs boundaries between spaces and incorporates marble in unexpected and captivating ways.

A matter of stone by Elle Decor Italia

Hall 1 Stand 12 Stone Group International

Infinite Beauty

In this concept design space, we focus on the material and its infinite beauty and versatility. Our design is a minimal architectural expression of the new perspectives that were brought in residential living, where there are not strict boundaries between the areas of our homes.

Where the material can find a wide range of applications. Like marble lights, hanging of the ceiling, that look like marble stools and vice versa. Where the combination of marble elements with mirrors brings the outer shell of the structure inside and transforms a single wall cladding slab into an infinite work of art.

We express an exciting design twist, that integrates marble in a space in the most unexpected, wonderful ways. It can be either used as the main piece of attention or as limited as accents and small or large decorative pieces, or even an entire installation, from classical to traditional and from modern to minimal.


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