The Lightness of Marble: Carpets, Hanging Lamps and Shelves

Often associated with the idea of “heaviness,” marble can embrace lightness when included in the making of furnishing accessories such as lamps, shelves.

The ancients already have demonstrated that they could use this material to create almost living sculptures, characterized by surreal lightness and “softness,” like those of Giuseppe Sanmartino or the details of those of Bernini or Canova.

On the other hand, when it comes to design, and interior design specifically, marble has always been considered a protagonist. In recent years, huge steps forward in technology have been taken to re-elaborate the nature of this material and to include it in every kind of creations: perfect to add an extra touch of timeless elegance that matches well with any style.

Let’s discover together some original examples of “light” marble creation to draw inspiration from for your interior design!

hanging lamps

When polished, light marble itself looks like a bright surface, perfect for the coating of bathroom or kitchen floors. This feature, combined with the material’s elegance, makes marble a popular choice for the making of lamps. In addition to floor or table lamps, we find the pendant ones, which represent the quintessential lightness even when they involve marble.

Not only white (with a fondness for Carrara Marble), but also black, grey, and green: marble veins characterize different design products, such as the linear SILO hanging lamp of Salvatori in White Carrara marble or Avola Stone, the more artistic LED Muse Statue Lamp by Mineheart (which recalls some ancient busts) and the creations of GANTlights marble, with elegant brass, copper or oak finishes. These kinds of solutions are perfect for spaces such as the living room or the kitchen, but the possibilities are endless!

shelves of every kind

The suspended element, combined once again with marble, represents a minimalist and effective design choice.

Marble shelves and supports are suitable for the living room or bathroom, and the inspirations are endless, whether you want to choose the simple tone of black or white, or to space towards colorful shades. Examples include the Egala shelf of Retegui (available in the White Carrara, Red Alicante, Red Markina, Emperador, Bleuté de Savoie Grey color), Gallotti&Radice’s Round-cut Modular Shelf System (in the White Carrara, Black Marquinia, Calacatta Vagli Gold, Stardust, Green Alps, Peach, Roman Travertine Roman color) or the Morse shelf by OX Denmarq, whose shelves made from Carrara marble are held together with a steel structure. A timeless combination of classicism and functional modernity for interior design!

design details

When it comes to design, marble, and lightness, there are endless solutions and, sometimes, even unusual ones. From a “classic” suspended sink in Marquina marble (like that of Riluxa) to the refined collection of Mattis chairs by Franchi Umberto in Carrara marble with a lightened structure, suitable for both indoor and outdoor, to René, the line of bistro tables by Piero Lissoni for Salvatori made with fragments held together through the kintsugi technique.

And to finish… How about a marble rug? Don’t worry, it is a kind of flooring technique without joints, made by some specialized companies, which covers the surface just as if it was a rug. Creativity is certainly not lacking!

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