Business, culture and training meet natural stone​

Hall 10

Curator: Giuseppe Fallacara

Stone design – The workshop of the future: an immersion in stone.

The shape of the “workshop” of the future, located within the cultural space of Pavilion 10 of the fair, is inspired by the world of lithics, specifically by the shape of fossilized shells contained within the sedimentary stone, which, when cut, reveal the characteristic logarithmic spiral shape. The spiral geometry of ammonites characterizes the planimetric form of the “workshop,” aiming to symbolically represent an “immersion” into the lithic world rich in discoveries and innovations for the future. A bridge between millions of years past and the near future.

In addition to the unique and surprising origami-shaped spatial development of the exhibition, the true protagonists of MMA2024 are the young creatives belonging to schools of Architecture, Industrial Design, Fine Arts Academies, and Engineering from various Italian and foreign universities. They are tasked with constructing the space in collaboration with companies in the stone sector and animating the pavilion throughout the fair days. In the “workshop” of the future, attendees will interactively witness and participate, engaging with the young protagonists, in various stages of the design process, from the birth of the idea to its prototypical realization through various emerging technologies present in the exhibition (CAD modellers, 3D printers, Oculus Rift, HoloLens, etc.). Divided into functional areas such as design, 3D printing, and prototypical construction, the “workshop” of the future, rich in daily events, will indicate a possible operational perspective towards which to guide the complex world of lithic design.