Business, culture and training meet natural stone​

Hall 10

Curator and author: Raffaello Galiotto

"Sculpture is an art that, by removing the superfluous from matter, reduces it to that form of body drawn by the craftsman." Giorgio Vasari

The close relationship between matter and the superfluous, expressed in Vasari’s quotation, defines the inseparable connection between solid and void, a fundamental concept of antithetical nature present in sculpture, architecture, and design. The experimental exhibition on lithic matter explores the relationship between solid and void in the era of new digital processing tools. The transition from manual action in the past to computer-controlled abrasive milling or cutting with diamond tools and waterjets nowadays offers new opportunities in terms of precision, technical reproducibility, and waste utilization. In light of these new possibilities, the participating authors freely explore the relationship between solid and void by producing an unprecedented series of marble works.