Business, culture and training meet natural stone​

Hall 10

Curator and author: Giorgio Canale

Dynamic real-time installation.

For the second year will be implemented an artistic project during the event itself creating a strong attraction pole. The work will be signed by an internationally renowned artist and will progressively take shape hour by hour to highlight the input of latest-generation machinery, modern technologies and people in the creation of a project unique of its kind in the world.

The Applaud stands as the ultimate exaltation of experimentation at the fair. With the aim of creating culture and elevating the potential of natural stone, the exhibition is not limited to a static display of a work created in the weeks leading up to the event, on the contrary, the work is created live during the extent of the fair. Visitors are able to understand the collective effort required to create a magnificent work in natural stone, in complete transparency. Technique, technology, vision, research, creativity and precision are the focalized aspects enhanced by this revolutionary installation signed by arch. Giorgio Canale.