Business, culture and training meet natural stone​

Hall 10

Curator and author: Raffaello Galiotto

In front of an empty table, we are commonly inclined to place an object at its centre. A reassuring gesture, guided by our innate sense of order and balance, is carried out to highlight the surface's ideal point and determine the peripheral area for use.

From this inherent need, the concept of a centerpiece has developed over time: an object usually of particular value, either in craftsmanship or material, serving decorative and functional purposes. The installation “Journey to the Center of the Table” aims to be a colourful and fascinating composition of tables in natural stone, consisting of a support surface made from a slab and a centerpiece finely crafted using the most advanced numerical technologies. An extraordinary journey into marble, discovering various coloured lithotypes and their specific characteristics, visible in two-dimensional slabs and the three-dimensional version of a design object.