Business, culture and training meet natural stone

Hall 10

Curator: BiancoBianco

Palermo marks the conclusion of the trilogy of Wine Bar projects signed by BIancoBianco and once again confirms the versatility of architect Giorgio Canale, designer of the work. The aim is to enhance the materials and production characteristics, always keeping in the foreground the essence of purity and aesthetics typical of the BiancoBianco brand. In fact, this brand has been committed to promoting and enhancing natural stone in high quality design for over 10 years. The project draws inspiration from tipically Sicilian elements, such as the elegant curves of the arches, which recall the architectural style of the Gothic reservoirs of Palermo’s San Ciro aqueduct, together with Caltagirone’s iconic Moorish heads.

The material derives directly from Sicily, in the surroundings of Palermo: Billiemi Levigato marble has a grey background tending to yellow, crossed by darker grey veins that elegantly intertwine with each other. Billiemi stone is a very hard stone that has been used for more than 1,000 years: used in monumental works and in the restoration of ancient streets in the historic center of Palermo, it has also recently been adopted in Germany, Japan and the United States.

Title — Palermo
Designer — Giorgio Canale
Brand — BiancoBianco
Material — Billiemi Levigato
Production — Sofil Lo Bianco Marmi



Graduated in Architecture at IUAV in Venice, and since 2004 has been a member of the Order of Architects of Verona. His versatility and extensive international research activities have involved him in projects in Europe and the United States in the luxury and design sectors. He has a solid rationalist taste combined with a visionary spirit: the linear and clean nature of his work combine different experiences including industrial construction, interior design, and product design. Arch. Canale oversees and manages DDM’s Italian offices because of his solid knowledge of the area and the longevity of relationships created over time, born out of his modern and dedicated designs.



BiancoBianco is an innovative company founded in 2011, managed by entrepreneur Jerry Chery, CEO of the brand, and architect Giorgio Canale, creative director. These two partners pursue the dream of a visionary made in Italy brand that could be innovative and sustainable all at once. Their unique views collide to unite artistic and design vision with a comprehensive knowledge of the market and its novelties. BiancoBianco’s experience with top of the art materials and craftsmanship makes for an outstanding and easily identifiable aesthetic.



Sofil Lo Bianco Marmi is a Sicilian company specialising in stone supplies. They manage the production chain, initiating from the quarries where the superior quality blocks are produced to the processing with modern, technologically advanced plants. The supply the material was sponsored by Billiemi Levigato, a company of local Sicilian origin, they also handled the processing and production of the Wine Bar in all of its phases. Their contribution became essential to maintain the Palermo spirit of the work and its true Sicilian identity.