The stone defines the brand

The Italian Stone Theatre inside Hall 1 at Marmomac once again in 2019 welcomed the well-judged partnering between a number of companies in the natural stone sector and several international luxury design brands.

This is the formula proposed by Brand & Stone, an exhibition conceived by Danilo Di Michele and curated by architect Giorgio Canale that aims to encourage designers and major brands to use natural stone to produce artefacts and accessories for inclusion in their collections. The skills and technical expertise provided by Italian companies in the natural stone sector are the keystone for prestigious furniture companies to create unique projects for presentation on the market.

From bathrooms to living rooms

Visitors were welcomed to the exhibition by Ossimoro, a sculpted sink in white marble that, through the contrast between the smooth basin and the refined drapery at its base, best expresses the ambivalence of this approach. From bathrooms, we move to living rooms with a series of furnishings: the V263 armchair is made from two blocks of Bianco Michelangelo marble, expertly processed to produce sensual curves. The Ronchamp table takes inspiration from Le Corbusier’s architecture and in particular from the Church of the same name, whose concave and convex shapes become a landmark for the table conceived as a kind of minor architecture in its own right. On the other hand, Cocoon is throne- or cocoon-shaped seat in Vicenza Stone, with a series of pointed reliefs on the exterior offering a kind of protection against the hostilities of the world.

The stone version

The infinite monochrome nuances of Carrara marbles transform the classic shapes of the INOUT 23 table and chair into a modern, new image; similarly, the transition from stratified wood of the original version to stone enhances the polychrome effect in the design of the Ripples bench. A similar effect is put forward by the Ashley table, made with a base in Bardiglio Nuvolato marble, with a round, smoked glass top and revolving base in the same marble, which interprets the design guidelines into stone  inspired by the prestigious brand in the automotive sector.



Design: Calvi Brambilla
Brand: Antoniolupi
Production: Lavagnoli Marmi, Prussiani Engineering
Material: Oriental White

V263 – V211

Design: Aston Martin Design Studio
Brand: Aston Martin – Formitalia Group
Production: Testi Group
Material: Bianco Michelangelo

Ronchamp table

Design: Stefano Guidotti, Vincenzo Colecchia
Brand: Baxter
Production: Odone Angelo
Material: Carrara Bianco Gioia, Onice Brioche
In collaboration with TENAX


Design: Daniel Germani
Brand: Gandiablasco
Production: Grassi Pietre
Material: Pietra Di Vicenza
In collaboration with TENAX


Design: Paola Navone
Brand: Gervasoni
Production: Petris – Stonethica
Material: Stonethica Carrara Mix


Design: StH – Homage to Toyo Ito
Brand: Horm
Production: Map Slate
Material: Ardesia Black


Design: Formitalia Design Studio
Brand: Tonino Lamborghini Casa – Formitalia Group
Production: Silvestri Marmi
Material: Bardiglio Nuvolato

concept: Danilo Di Michele
curated by Giorgio Canale


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