Trends 2022: The use of marble for kitchen countertops

One of the most used parts in the kitchen for the preparation of meals is the countertop; whether it is placed on a separate island or set with the rest of the furniture, it is an essential element in any house.

As practical and useful as it is, we must use the right material to keep it in excellent condition even over time: among the best possible solutions for that, we find marble, which in 2022 sets itself once again as a trend for this purpose!

marble kitchen countertops

Marble offers an incredible variety of colors and shapes for the kitchen countertop, always guaranteeing elegant and, above all, durable results: resistance is an essential quality when it comes to an element so much used and for so many different reasons.

Among the trends of 2022 for the realization of the kitchen countertop, therefore, in addition to quartz, porphyry, and granite, marble is once again included: it must be taken into account in any case that, while not absorbing liquids, it is sensitive to food acids, such as lemon and vinegar, so it also needs special care to keep it at the maximum of its qualities. Since each slab of marble is unique, the choice of this material guarantees a fascinating result in every context and regardless of the reference furnishing style.

Being then a natural stone, it also is a guarantee that the foods prepared on it do not come into contact with potentially harmful substances. Lastly, the marble kitchen countertop has among its advantages an excellent resistance to clashes.

the best types of marble

As we have already mentioned, marble is a unique and always different material, which guarantees a different yield based on its composition. That is why it comes in numerous nuances and finishes, which make it perfect for both classic and modern environments, for kitchens with warm or cold tones. But what are the best types of marble recommended for your kitchen countertop?

  • Botticino marble: with its beige color, it is perfect to create a neutral and relaxing environment.
  • Pearl of Sicily: with a more or less dark ivory shade with yellow-brownish veins.
  • White Carrara Marble: the timeless, characterized by a grayish-white background with gray veins that cross it in a discontinuous way.
  • Black Marquina Marble: with a deep black shade dotted with white fossil remains and white veins, for impact solutions.
  • Red Marble of Sicily: dark red with white streaks, suitable for classic furnishings.
  • Emperador marble: a dark brown with large lighter patches and white veins.
  • Calacatta marble: with a white background with light gray up to dark veins.
Regardless of the preference, our advice is to evaluate the final yield you want to achieve and create a warm and comfortable space, since the kitchen is one of the most used places in the house, even when we have guests.

tips for taking care of marble

Marble needs attention and care, to avoid the risk of it getting ruined by stains that are difficult to eliminate or it turning yellow over time. When drinks, lemon juice or tomato juice, or food residues fall on a marble surface, a trace remains, visible as a function of the chemical aggression suffered: if light, only an opacification remains, if more serious, white and rough spots are formed instead.

The most important remedy is to clean the kitchen top immediately with a damp cloth, perhaps in microfiber, and cleanse it if necessary with delicate products. There are also many specific products for the care of marble to be considered in case of more stubborn stains. Lastly, if a deeper or more specific intervention is necessary, it is advisable to contact an expert.

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