Veronafiere confirms the next physically attended edition of Marmomac

After the pandemic that overwhelmed conventional international trade fairs in 2020 and the digital edition organized last year to exploit and share every possible networking activity with its community, we are now resuming organization of the attended event.

There are many innovative aspects, albeit in carrying over from the 2019 edition as the reference for show layout and the continuation of the main initiatives.


Things begin with the launch of the new Marble+Solutions area; the main objective is to accompany companies towards a new exhibition project involving a shift from presentations of materials to presentations of products. The format includes a ready-to-use stand, including a Talk Space for presentations of projects, even by architects and designers. It will also be possible to exhibit co-marketing solutions with non-sector brands involved in the development of the project, as well as to present marble and natural stone in “hybrid applications” with other materials, with the exclusion of ceramics. This cross-fertilization will highlight the evolution of production in the sector, while at the same time emphasising the central role of natural stone in manufacturing processes thanks to its quality and uniqueness. The area will also be involved in specific activities with delegations of buyers attending the trade fair. Lastly, for companies keen to take part in Marmo+Solutions without, however, abandoning the historic location of their stands, dual participation with a multimedia totem is envisaged.

Another innovation concerns the launch of an experimental project focusing on technologies. This format will focus on innovation and new potential used in the production of new products or to improve the efficiency of existing processes, and will involve technicians, processing plant managers and product development managers, as well as architects and designers.

The Italian Stone Theatre

n harmony with past experience as regards cultural and architectural experimentation, The Italian Stone Theatre – the Marmomac hall dedicated to Italian excellence in the natural stone field – returns once again. The “Time in Stone” theme is the same one chosen for the 2020 edition: time is in fact the leitmotif of the exhibitions set up under the direction of curators Raffaello Galiotto, Vincenzo Pavan, Giorgio Canale and Paolo Criveller of ADI.  

Visits by international delegations, as well as an option open to all interested parties, will be accompanied by the training activities of Marmomac Academy and its new format, content and speakers thanks to the agreement signed with the IUAV Venice.

After a year of absence, we welcome back the Best Communicator Award and Icon Award. Marmomac is still the main global meeting place for the natural stone sector and this is the direction taken on reconfirming the Special Incoming Plan drawn up by ICE-Italian Trade Agency to involve two hundred international trade operators and architects to invite to the event in Verona, with the primary objective of allowing companies to approach new markets and highlight all the potential of natural stone products and related technologies.

Marmomac Plus

As of 2021 and with the aim of expanding the Marmomac community by facilitating communication, promotion and meetings between sector exponents, the Marmomac Plus feature will be the natural evolution of the online catalogue by providing an access portal for all initiatives and information in the sector.
A new formula that allows you to add another business experience to attendance at the trade fair itself, with the aim of implementing the Marmomac Community by adding new trade operator targets and facilitating promotion and meetings with exponents in the sector throughout the year.
Joining Marmomac Plus means having a showcase for your brand, products, projects and events, as well as being in the forefront of Marmomac’s digital promotion and planning activities.


Veronafiere’s primary objective is to ensure a safe event for exhibitors, visitors and all staff employed in various capacities: for this reason, in the run-up to the September appointment, we have upgraded the special measures taken to ensure that Marmomac performs in all stages in compliance with the strictest safety standards, as required by the Safetybusiness plan which will be constantly updated in accordance with government regulations. Policy guidelines have also been defined in relation to any program changes arising from force majeure.


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