Zigzag House

Marble is a noble material that lends shades of elegance, refinement and classicism to any environment in which it is placed. Considering its great versatility, stemming from the fact that there are several types of stone, it’s natural that within interior design it emerges as a solution capable of making a difference in any context: its widespread use, even in modern and avant-garde settings, is evidence of this.

Among the most recent examples that confirm this is the Zigzag House conceived by designer Dan Gayfer: a house, nestled in the lush streets of Thornbury, a bustling suburb of Melbourne, in which marble undoubtedly takes center stage.

the combination of marble and parquet

Gayfer’s sophisticated design is based mainly on a play of contrasts that is effective and harmonious. In fact, Zigzag House is characterized by extensive parquet floors with jagged textures, which give the rooms a peculiar geometric dynamism. On top of these stand several fluid and smooth elements, with an almost ethereal essence: these are the Orsola gray marble surfaces, which make up the central island of the kitchen, the skirting boards – as well as the base of the hob – and concretize an unexpected yet pleasant combination between the contrasting qualities of the materials in question.

Sealing the happy union between the cold veins of marble and the familiar warmth of parquet, Gayfer’s mastery lies in placing, here and there, real marble “brushstrokes,” which do not obliterate the woody tones of the floor but elevate them, complementing them through that refinement that is fundamental in contemporary residential architecture.

engaging and tailored spaces

The marble-wood combination has also been harnessed by Gayfer to create bespoke spaces that, while maintaining the regulative stylistic signature of all interiors, are functional for tenants’ needs.

The prime example is represented by the bar corner, realized against a backdrop of white marble, onto which a series of wooden shelves have been embedded. The visual effect, engaging and elegant, is the same as that perceived when looking at the rest of the interiors, but in this case, functionality is added: this space features personalized glass holders, which can be hung in specific slots, and inserts in the drawers for wine bottles, from which labels can be directly viewed: total practical efficiency combined with the sophistication of aesthetic design!

the importance of light as a design element

Finally, there is another aspect of Zigzag House that has direct implications with marble. Gayfer has conceived the spaces so that natural light could flood the interiors, interacting with every detail of the house: precisely for this reason, a large skylight (4.6×1.2 meters) dominates the open space connecting the kitchen and the living room.
This particular attention to the entrance of light is not accidental because it enhances the stylistic focal point of the house, the central island of the kitchen, predominantly composed of marble coverings. Thus, sunlight enhances all the characteristics of the stone material: light, after all, makes the colors of natural stone shine, gives depth and thickness to its textures, and radically transforms the environment, making it more vibrant and dynamic thanks to the unique charm of marble reflections.

Photo credits: Dean Bradley – archdaily.com

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