Eternal Memory

Man found himself small and weak, he sought refuge at the heights of the mountains to be safe in the arms of nature’s mother. He became hungry, a piece of rock separated from the mountain, and said, “I am a strong tool, hunt with me.” Your abode is in the stone caves inside me.

A matter of stone by Elle Decor Italia

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He felt afraid and alone. In search of a superior and robust force, he found the mountain as a supportive force that dominates nature. He chose his God among the mountain stones. Human understanding of needs and life began with stone. We covered the leaves of the plants on our bodies and when the leaves rotted, its fibers were exposed. We, humans, learned the texture pattern from nature’s teacher. We made weaving shuttle out of stone to make clothes like leaf fibers. Weaving shuttle is a rhombus-shaped device that takes a thread of cotton from under the fabric and weaves it to depict integrity and show off beauty as a safe cover on the human body.

Also, in the erosion of soil and stone, each wave of water was like a weaving shuttle that went and came back again and placed one layer on another layer and pretty woven the pattern of each stone into the body of each mountain, and now we can see nature’s weaving hand in every block that separates from the mountain and we make a woven out of stone and we praise mother weaver and artist nature. The ancient friendship of stone and humans, has no end, even today, the first priority for nature lovers as a building material is stone. Rock, the most sustainable and green product from nature, offers love to the tender soul of man. we feel the supreme power in the universe by its side and get peace with its presence.

Man, who once saw the stone as his superior power, today chooses the stone next to him as a sign and a memory of the superior and comforting power and renews his life with Mother Earth. Any stimulus through multiple senses can take us back to a place we have a memory of, this memory does not belong to a specific person but belongs to humanity, so this memory can be called an “Eternal Memory”.

About Us

M Stone is the international trade branch of Maleki factory and quarry. Our company with more than 40 years of experience, consisting of a factory in a space of 60,000 square meters and 16 production halls with Verde Tifone marble quarry, has a high production capacity in the stone industry. we try to produce unique stone products by most special natural stones of Iran in cooperation with famous and professional architects and artists.


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